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Re: Internet draft draft-onions-822-mailproblems-00.txt

1995-02-23 13:55:13

in some places, like Norway and Sweden, barring all 8-bit transfers
is simply a losing proposition.
So, I believe your draft (or the 822 AS, or the SMTP AS) should
describe the various ways of punting on the issue:

- Ignoring the protocol violation and handing the message on
- Stripping the 8th bit to make the message conformant
- Make the message text/plain; charset=locally-defined-default
  (most appropriate when SMTP is used as a submission protocol)
  and applying a c-t-e
- Rejecting the message if it is not MIME-tagged, otherwise passing
  it on (accepting c-t-e binary or c-t-e 8bit)


          Harald A
  (still in the middle of nowhere)