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Re: PS -- Re: Restricting the list

1996-02-07 09:30:32
On Wed, 7 Feb 1996, Dave Crocker wrote:

      What about the following set of mechanisms, each of which I believe
I've seen in operation.  In combination, they would seem to create a rather
powerful filter and control mechanism, I would think.

1.  To subscribe to a list, the user sends a request.  The list server
sends back a verification request.  The subscriber returns a confirmation.
This provides reasonable assurance that the registered email address is

2.  Those who are registered can send messages freely.  Those who are not
have their messages channeled to the list moderate who decides whether to
forward the message or not.  One could elaborate this, further, by having
non-registered email ALSO get a verification request from the server before
sending it on to the moderator.  This would filter deprivation of service
attacks, I suppose.


I personally think that this is most practical solution to the problem, 
however not without it's drawbacks.  Many years back I managed a few 
Internet distribution lists along with the USENET gateways for them.  We 
decided at the time for no moderation on the Internet side, while 
maintaining full moderation on the USENET side (for many of the same 
reasons that we are having this discussion today).

As many current lists are both gatewayed to environments like USENET as 
well as feeding downstream distribution lists, the above solution will 
have the effect of directing potentially a significant amount of traffic 
the direction of the moderator.  As most list moderators do so out of the 
kindness of their hearts (in other words on their own time as opposed to 
being part of their job function), the probability of noticable delays in 
the propogation of the message through the moderator are high.  Depending 
upon the people involved, this may or may not have a significant effect 
on the usefulness of the list.

As long as this characteristic is understood and accepted (as well as 
being able to identify a willing moderator), I believe that this is the 
best solution that we currently have available.

Best Regards,

Tim Kehres
International Messaging Associates Ltd