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Re: PS -- Re: Restricting the list

1996-02-07 17:10:28
At 6:56 AM 2/6/96, Nathaniel Borenstein wrote:
To pre-empt an obvious objection:  My guess is that very few people are
both technologically sophisticated enough to know how to change their
Email address and culturally unsophisticated enough to use that
knowledge to inappropriately spam mailing lists.  But there will
undoubtedly be a few.  -- NB

It might be a good idea to read about Jeff "Spam King" Slaton in the Feb
WIRED.  He's made a business out of spamming... <sigh>  But he's trying to
go legitimate -- apparently his new clients are more interested in more
targeted marketing.  Maybe that's the solution -- create tools for people
like Slaton to more particularly target his (or his client's) intended
audience.  With good targeting tools his ads would reach only those likely
to be interested.  Dunno 'bout this, it sounds vaguely Orwellian to me...

john noerenberg
  Be sure of this, O young ambition, all mortal
  greatness is but disease.
  -- Herman Melville, "Moby-Dick", 1851