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Re: PS -- Re: Restricting the list

1996-02-07 08:40:31
At 8:58 AM 2/6/96, Ned Freed wrote:
1. I've already pointed out that filtering on specific origin addresses is
  totally ineffective.


        What about the following set of mechanisms, each of which I believe
I've seen in operation.  In combination, they would seem to create a rather
powerful filter and control mechanism, I would think.

1.  To subscribe to a list, the user sends a request.  The list server
sends back a verification request.  The subscriber returns a confirmation.
This provides reasonable assurance that the registered email address is

2.  Those who are registered can send messages freely.  Those who are not
have their messages channeled to the list moderate who decides whether to
forward the message or not.  One could elaborate this, further, by having
non-registered email ALSO get a verification request from the server before
sending it on to the moderator.  This would filter deprivation of service
attacks, I suppose.



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