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Re: PS -- Re: Restricting the list

1996-02-07 22:05:44
At 4:09 PM 2/7/96, John W. Noerenberg wrote:
audience.  With good targeting tools his ads would reach only those likely
to be interested.  Dunno 'bout this, it sounds vaguely Orwellian to me...

        Sorry, not good enough.

        As the recipient of a an unsolicited solicitation, I don't much
care whether you get one or whether Ned gets one.  I care about the
imposition on my time and effort.

        (Yes, I do find that a very, very carefully done solicitation can
often get past my desire to rip the innards from the sender, but this
involves high-level marketing skills on their part and not the presence or
absence of email/news tools.)


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