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Re: Bart's proposal

1997-07-09 13:10:20
On 09 Jul 1997 19:43:18 -0000, you said:
Think about the usual case of a subscriber sending a message to a
mailing list. He typically wants reply-to-all to go to the mailing list
alone, while reply-to-author goes to him alone. This is impossible if
the reply-to-author address is included in reply-to-all.

Man. I've heard of "blond moments", but I must be having a truly blond week
here.  I've been sitting here wondering what this proposal was about, and
following a long and headed discussion on the NAIPR list, and wondering why
every time around, I was trimming more and more damned addresses off the cc:
list.   Finally sank in that they were One And The Same. ;)

I take back what I said a few messages ago regarding whether users are asking
for it.  They are. ;)

Now to go back and re-read all the postings, with the benefit of enlightenment 

                                Valdis Kletnieks
                                Computer Systems Senior Engineer
                                Virginia Tech

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