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Re: Bart's proposal

1997-07-10 10:05:16
On Jul 10,  4:48pm, D. J. Bernstein wrote:
} Subject: Re: Bart's proposal
} > My proposal extends both reply and reply-to-all, labels the change, and
} > requires no new knowledge in sending MUAs.
} Nonsense. Your proposed field requires the same knowledge to set up as
} mine does.

My proposal can be implemented (for example) as a `copy me on replies'
toggle in the user interface.  Switch it on, a Reply-Cc field is put in;
switch it off, no Reply-Cc field is put in.

Your proposal requires the UA to identify addresses that are mailing lists
and include them in the Reply-Destinations (or whatever you call it) field.
Only after that field is properly initialized with the addresses of all the
mailing lists can the author be added or removed upon request.

} The difference is that I preserve reply-to-author, while you destroy it.

Destroy it how?  If Reply-Cc contains the author's address but Reply-To does
not (because the mailing list munged it), it seems to me that I'm preserving
reply-to-author in a case where it presently is not preserved.

} Hey, Bart, did you know that your MUA has _two_ response functions?
} Perhaps you should learn how to use them.

I could start sending you two copies of all these messages, but I thought
you'd rather I didn't.

Bart Schaefer                                 Brass Lantern Enterprises    

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