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Re: Bart's proposal

1997-07-10 09:37:11
Keith's proposal (as we're calling it, since he hasn't actually pronounced
either of us correct in our interpretations) would change the way MUAs
implement reply-to-all, but doesn't introduce new syntax.

It would also change how MUAs implement reply-to-author, destroying the
existing semantics of From and Reply-To.

Dan's proposal changes reply-to-all and labels the change with new syntax,
but requires knowledge of mailing-list membership on the part of sending
MUAs in order to operate conveniently.
My proposal extends both reply and reply-to-all, labels the change, and
requires no new knowledge in sending MUAs.

Nonsense. Your proposed field requires the same knowledge to set up as
mine does. The difference is that I preserve reply-to-author, while you
destroy it.

Dan's proposal encourages users to continue using reply-to-all, because a
simple reply still won't do the job.  I think this is unfortunate.

Hey, Bart, did you know that your MUA has _two_ response functions?
Perhaps you should learn how to use them.

Let your users manage their own mailing lists.

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