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Re: best name for followups?

1997-07-15 14:28:18
What is the desired behavior if person A posts to a mailing list, and person
B follows up, etc etc - and then person G replies to F, trims out persons
A through E, and does a *BCC:* to the mailing list?

People do this as a crude way to control followups. Given widespread
support for a followup field, why would someone do such a Bcc?

The normal use of a blind copy is to add someone to the envelope
recipient list, without affecting what the (non-blind) recipients see.
So, in general, a Bcc isn't relevant to the rest of the header.

a bcc: to the author because his list membership is unknown

That's arrogant behavior. Your followup is important enough to get to
him, but subsequent followups aren't?

Given widespread support for a followup field, you won't have to do this
sort of guesswork.

Let your users manage their own mailing lists.

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