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Re: best name for followups?

1997-07-15 02:45:14
But I am saying that with two simple MUA commands
you may obtain much of the same results

My MUA already makes it very easy to manually edit the recipient list.
But this completely misses the point. I _do not want_ to manually edit
the recipient list. I want my MUA to provide the right list by default.

The reason my MUA doesn't do this is much more basic than a mere matter
of user interface design. There is a fundamental problem: _the necessary
information is not available_. How does the MUA figure out the list?

Saying ``make the choice manually''---putting the burden on me instead
of my MUA---begs the question. How do _I_ figure out the list?

Your proposal makes no progress towards an answer.

you know what the recipients are on each list.

For large lists this is an unreasonable assumption.

Let your users manage their own mailing lists.

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