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Re: best name for followups?

1997-07-15 01:40:15
"D. J. Bernstein" writes:

Well, if you know the author, and want to relieve him/her from
getting extra mail, then you use the new command.

What if the author isn't a subscriber? Now you've eliminated him from
the recipient list. What if he wanted to receive a copy?

Then you use the reply-all

The discussion is about how the author can express his wishes in a form
that your MUA can use automatically.

I understand. But I am saying that with two simple MUA commands
you may obtain much of the same results - given that you know
as a user what you are doing and you know what the recipients are
on each list. This is just based on my own experiences and irritations:

1. a MUA command responding to the To: and Cc: fields: "reply-receivers"
"reply-recievers" is useful whan you know that the the sender is
on the recievers-list too.

2. a MUA command responding to the To: field: "reply-to"
The "reply-to" command is useful when you think that the cc-list is
only for initial awareness, and further discussion is only for the
people on the To: list


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