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RE: Proper way to specify "Do Not Reply"?

1998-10-08 17:20:29
On Thu, 8 Oct 1998, Vaudreuil, Greg M (Greg) wrote:
From RFC 822:

        In  all  cases, addresses in the "From" field
        must be machine-usable (addr-specs) and may not contain  named
        lists (groups).

What do you suggest a system which has no identifiable sender put in the
"from" field?  Bogus(_at_)bogus? 

My reading of 822 (4.4.2)  is far less clear, but my reading suggests group
notations would be inappropriate there as well since they should identify
the singular sender of a message when it is other than the sender.   

You're correct, the From address has to be a "mailbox", rather than an
"address" so it can't be an empty group.

I actually have no problem with the use of <non-mail-user(_at_)domain> in the
From address.  But I have a big problem with probiting replies to that
address.  I don't have a problem with prohibiting replies to a message
with an empty group address in the Reply-To header.

                - Chris