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Re: Format=Flowed and Non-ASCII Characters

1998-10-26 09:25:55
Your suggestion is actually a common misuse and misunderstanding of QP encoding. Content-Transfer-Encoding is part of the transport system, not a part of the data format. It is only there to compensate for SMTP's limitations. It is entirely legal for mail servers to change the C-T-E for parts of a message as they relay it (unless the message is multipart/signed).

The reason that we are working on format=flowed is that there is no legal type for describing text where a new line separates text flows from each other. The current standard separates lines of text. The most proper display of the current standard (text/plain) is not to wrap long lines, but to display a horizontal scroll bar and display each newline separated run on a separate line. In format=flowed the text between "hard" carriage returns is specifically to be flowed (wrapped) to fit the display width. A horizontal scroll bar should not be used.

Text/plain, format=flowed and text/paragraph all work with the charset parameter the same. You can use UTF-8, UTF-7, iso-8859-* or other. They only apply to the code points or characters and have nothing to do with the formatting.


At 10:40 PM -0800 10/25/98, Ashley Yakeley wrote:
What's the best way to send text with non-ASCII characters, given the
option of format=flowed? The obvious thing to do is to choose a charset,
and encode it in quoted-printable. But at that point I hardly need
format=flowed, since I can now safely transport lines of any length. Or
should I use UTF-7 instead?

Ashley Yakeley, Seattle WA