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Re: Format=Flowed and Non-ASCII Characters

1998-10-26 15:01:34
On Mon, 26 Oct 1998 12:35:30 PST, Randall Gellens said:
I meant when you generate the message and add "Format=Flowed", please 
wrap your lines, so that each line is < 80 characters.  That way the 
message will look good if the recipient understand Format=Flowed, or 

OK. It's Monday, and I'm dense.  If you're wrapping your lines so each
is <80, what's the point of format=flowed?  Just so an MUA can take ONE
pre-flowed paragraph and re-write it as ANOTHER one?

I thought the point of format=flowed was so that MUAs that liked to send
one VERY long line per paragraph could do so....

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