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Re: Format=Flowed and Non-ASCII Characters

1998-10-26 15:19:49
At 5:02 PM -0500 10/26/98, Valdis(_dot_)Kletnieks(_at_)vt(_dot_)edu wrote:
OK. It's Monday, and I'm dense.  If you're wrapping your lines so each
is <80, what's the point of format=flowed?  Just so an MUA can take ONE
pre-flowed paragraph and re-write it as ANOTHER one?

Randy was saying that the lines on the wire need to be <80, once all the encoding is removed. However, the receiving MUA can remove the linebreaks that make it so and reconstitute the original long, flowing paragraphs. That way mailers who don't know f=f get stuff that looks ok, but mailers that do know f=f can make it even better.

So, lines on the wire, <80.  Paragraphs they represent, long as you wish.