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Re: Choosing recipient of automatic replies

2002-06-04 19:13:42

 Dave Crocker <dcrocker(_at_)brandenburg(_dot_)com> writes:

At 01:52 AM 6/3/2002 -0400, Keith Moore wrote:

   Consider a message
intended for a mailing list where the sender specified the list address in
the reply-to field (which is a perfectly reasonable thing to do) - if a robot
answers the mail on behalf of a list recipient and sends the reply to the
entire list, this will be seen as disruptive.

it is frankly just as bad to have it go to the message originator.  not as 
bad in scale but as bad in inappropriateness.

in pretty much all cases of that type of situation, the fact that the 
recipient is not explicitly mentioned in the To or CC field means that the 
software should not send a reply at all.

But what about the case where the list-bot wants to refuse the message, or
"your message has been passed to the moderator of the list"? Clearly,
Reply-To is disastrous in this case. From is actually the best choice,
though Reutrn-Path _might_ just do instead.

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