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Re: Multi-message reply and "References:"

2003-06-22 09:45:14


GK> is there scope
GK> here for collapsing burgeoning historic thread information into a hash that
GK> can be used to confirm the sending agent's knowledge of the threads in
GK> progress.

although the typical case is for threads to be short, it is not that
uncomon to have threads that are extremely long.  I think we should
attend to that occurrence.

Whether we do it through a special label (eg, hash) or through a
syntactic way of eliding some of the thread references, I don't know.

GK> Maybe that's overkill:  if an agent supplies just recent generation thread
GK> history in any message it sends, I think the complete thread structure can
GK> be assembled from the various messages.

Perhaps it would be sufficient to have the thread syntax permit saying
something like a sequence:

          <first message in thread>
          <notation saying messages are being skipped>
          <context for tail of thread>
          <message being replied to>?

So, the first two items would be the equivalent of the hash, but without
extra computation.

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