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Re: Has IANA gone mad?

2004-07-23 07:56:13

--On 2004-7-19 11:23 PM -0700 ned+ietf-822(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com wrote:

> I note in passing that it is easy to determine the status of any
> draft; this is what the datatracker is for.

And I note in passing, for the UMPTEENTH time, that the bloody
datatracker is buried in such a non-obvious place that expecting anyone
to use it is pointless. (Use it? How on earth do you expect anyone to
even FIND it?)

Either put the bloody thing UP FRONT ON THE RFC AND ID pages at, or burn it.

Yes, well, I've passed your concern about this on in the past. The response was
to add a link at the top of the IESG Activities/Actions page, the logic being
that the status tracker is an IESG entity. (I note that a link to the RFC
Editor queue appears in a similar position under the "RFC Pages" link.) I
personally would prefer to have a link on the main IETF page but nobody else
seems to think this is appropriate.

OTOH, there are these things called bookmarks. You only have to find it


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