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Re: Has IANA gone mad?

2004-07-29 22:01:22

Kai Henningsen wrote:

> I found out about the datatracker about a week ago, either from something
> here or possibly on ietf(_at_)ietf(_dot_)org - I don't remember exactly.
> It may have been discussed at length on various lists, but that obviously
> wasn't enough except for someone who was following one of those lists at
> that time. Which, it seems, didn't include me, or Bruce, or persumable a
> large number of other people.

It's certainly been discussed in some of the plenaries. Some ADs also
make a point of letting you know about it when your I-D gets to the
point of being tracked.

And also during apps area sessions, if memory serves. I'm sure it has been
covered in WG chair training as well, although I haven't been there to see it.

Document authors receive automatic notification of tracker state changes
for their documents. This may have been extended to WG chairs by now - I think
that was the plan some time back.

It was also announced on the main IETF announcement list back on 4-Nov-2002.
Discussion has subsequently occured on that list and elsewhere.


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