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Re: Experiment with multiple Reference headers (was References with multiple precursore [sic])

2005-01-13 07:47:25

This message contains two Reference headers. Please report whether it is
delivered intact and whether it causes any other problems, such as
peculiar threading.

For this first experiment, both the Reference headers are identical. If
this causes no obvious problems, then I shall try further examples
representing various DAGs.

such experiments can do nothing to demonstrate whether this works in the
Internet as a whole, as the recipients of this list are not even close to
being a representative sample of Internet users.

furthermore, you don't seem willing to accept or act on negative results,
as evidenced by your continued insistence on using LIST: despite having 
been informed that it confuses one widely used mail user agent.

if you're not going to heed negative results, and positive results are
meaningless, why should anyone bother to help you with these experiments?