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Re: Making group syntax do-not-generate

2005-01-14 16:00:06

On Fri January 14 2005 08:40, Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

4. Some people test only with a corpus of real-world mail. Me, I have a 
corpus of 1.6 million messages where groups don't occur even once. In 
such a setting, it's easy for group-related bugs to slip through.

Maybe you should add the dozen or so examples contained
within RFC 2822...
The primary barrier is IMO in the large number of deployed mail 
parsers/readers that haven't been tested with groups, and cannot be 
assumed to work.

If we start throwing away pieces because some implementer
botched handling, we'd get rid of all of MIME, Date fields,
Received fields, all address fields, In-Reply-To, and
References... I doubt that much would be left.

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