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Re: Making group syntax do-not-generate

2005-01-15 13:52:39

On Fri January 14 2005 20:21, Keith Moore wrote:
If done in conjunction with an online test suite, and a way to report 
errors, it might be more useful.   That way, if vendors didn't test 
their products, their users would.  Ideally we'd get IETF to host the 
test suite.  something like .  though there should be 
a backup plan in case this is too politically sensitive.

The MIME message generator is OK for testing parsers to some
extent (limited types, there had been some errors which I
think have been corrected), as are examples in various RFCs.
For testing generator output, there is a service available
via one of the IETF pages, but last time I checked it didn't
recognize the standard "Comments" field.

Testing parsers is difficult because of the tremendous variety
of (valid and invalid) message content that can be generated.
Testing generators is comparatively simple, as validating
parsers exist.

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