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Re: Experiment with multiple Reference headers (was References with multiple precursore [sic])

2005-01-14 08:37:16

In <hJXrEWMUYs5BFACk(_at_)highwayman(_dot_)com> Richard Clayton 
<richard(_at_)highwayman(_dot_)com> writes:

This message contains two Reference headers. 

not here it didn't

Please report whether it is
delivered intact 

exactly how might one know ?

Well evidently you did :-)

Of course, it should now be obvious from all the replies received that
there was a common point of failure, and that the finger should be pointed
at my machine. And indeed, that is where it happened (thanks to Henry
Spencer). SO I shall try again, and make sure it gets out this time.

it always strikes me that the sort of people who combine two threads
into one and answer bits of both at random (and who therefore demand two
reference headers so that their valuable contributions can be correctly
placed into the responses) are exactly the sort of people I find have
contributed very little to the conversation :(

Maybe, but people keep raising this matter, both on this list and
elsewhere, so the demand is there. The chief problem is how the MUA would
display the thread, assuming all the necessary information could be
provided to it. Clearly, no article should be displayed earlier than any
of its ancestors, but there is no convenient way to display a DAG by
simple indentation, which works so nicely for trees. But that is really a
matter of waiting for some bright MUA implentor to dream up an acceptable

also, I endorse Keith Moore's point about the likely value of the
experiments given the huge number of clients out there -- are you
expecting me to feed this through a few dozen of my Perl scripts as
well, to see what they do ? If they die("multiple References") then
should we just criticise my coding style ?

No, I think this initial experiment can do no more than expose the
grossest problems that might arise, using a moderate collection of agents.
If that shows up no serious problem, then it would be worth while examing
on a larger scale what might possibly go wrong.

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