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Re: Experiment #2 with multiple Reference headers (was References with multipl

2005-01-17 02:19:09

In message <200501141637(_dot_)j0EGbUT25583(_at_)clerew(_dot_)man(_dot_)ac(_dot_)uk>, Charles Lindsey <chl(_at_)clerew(_dot_)man(_dot_)ac(_dot_)uk> writes

Well, as you know, the first attempt failed because of excessing checking
before it left my machine. This one will be piped directly into sendmail,
and I will examine the outgoing queue to make sure it is intact.

This message contains two Reference headers. Please report whether it is
delivered intact and whether it causes any other problems, such as
peculiar threading.

Arrived with two (identical) References: headers.

The MUA, Turnpike, will ignore the second and subsequent Reference: headers. So no problem caused and threaded OK.

For this first experiment, both the Reference headers are identical. If
this causes no obvious problems, then I shall try further examples
representing various DAGs.

Paul Overell         Internet Platform Development Manager, Thus plc

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