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Re: Experiment #3 with multiple Reference headers

2005-01-18 02:23:14

In message <200501171739(_dot_)j0HHdHP20713(_at_)clerew(_dot_)man(_dot_)ac(_dot_)uk>, Charles Lindsey <chl(_at_)clerew(_dot_)man(_dot_)ac(_dot_)uk> writes

This message responds to several others, and contains a References header for
each of them. So it cannot be expected that existing MUAs will thread them
particularly well. So the things to look out for are:

MUA Turnpike Six v6.05

1. Did it arrive with all of them intact?


2. Did is arrive with at least one of them intact? If so, was it the first
(can be recognized by presence of 


3. Did it do anything really nasty with the threading?

No, threaded using first References: line

4. Did it even manage to make some use of the extra headers?

No, ignored them.

Paul Overell         Internet Platform Development Manager, Thus plc