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Re: Update to "simplified" RFC 2822 grammar

2005-03-07 21:06:48

On Mon March 7 2005 15:14, Dave Crocker wrote:

your work falls into the category of "sure wish we had had access to it 10 
years ago."

So do I :-).
in order to incorporate abnf changes to rfc2822 at this point, we would have 
to re-cycle the specification at Proposed, because the abnf would be new and 
-- inherently - unstable.

The prevailing opinion when this was last discussed (over a year ago)
was that a reset would be unwarranted. See
and related messages.
The reading of the community is that it would rather advance the existing 
work than start over learning to work with the new ABNF, no matter how well 
done the new abnf might be.

Which community? By whose poll?

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