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Re: Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-lilly-from-optional-02.txt

2005-03-15 16:17:47

On Tue March 15 2005 15:26, Keith Moore wrote:
FWIW, when I tried sending a message to this list without a From field,

a) sendmail immediately added a From: 

Possibly a configuration option... I'd have to check.
I hope this is addressed by the updated Security considerations

b) the message never appeared on the list

1. As Russ has noted, that may be due to list moderation (or
   filtering) issues.
2. I don't yet know why, but messages to other IMC-hosted mailing
   lists have recently taken >15 hours to appear at subscribers'

IMHO either From: <> or From: <-(_at_)[]> would work better.

Using From: <> might be feasible, if the HTTP folks (who would
be affected by such a syntax change) agree.  So far, no comments
from HTTP folks (probably not surprising, since to date the draft
has been discussed exclusively here in the ietf-822 list).