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Re: SMTP option for DHCPv6

2005-05-29 10:43:44

IMHO, this is an entirely inappropriate use of DHCP. Mail submission should not be dependent on, or constrained by. network topology. The existing DHCPv4 option should be deprecated or at least discouraged.


On May 27, 2005, at 5:04 AM, Cristian Cadar wrote:

Dear all,

I was asked by the IETF DHC members to post this question here asking
for your opinion. I have recently submitted an IETF draft on SMTP option
for DHCPv6 protocol suite and presented my draft smtp-00.t
xt during the last IETF meeting.
There is already a standardized SMTP option for DHCPv4. My question is: Do you know any implementation where SMTP option is used by somebody for delegating IPv4 SMTP server addresses to the clients? do you think that
the SMTP option for DHCPv6 will be used in the future by the email

Thank you in advance


Cristian Cadar
NEC Europe Ltd.

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