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Re: Compatibility wit Netnews (was I-D ACTION:draft-resnick-2822upd-01.txt)

2007-04-30 09:55:11

On 4/27/07 at 7:02 PM +0000, Charles Lindsey wrote:

In <463128C8(_dot_)6B13(_at_)xyzzy(_dot_)claranet(_dot_)de> Frank Ellermann <nobody(_at_)xyzzy(_dot_)claranet(_dot_)de> writes:

For the <msg-id> I'd like to see a syntax also working in NetNews...

Indeed, the Message-ID is the principal feature of RFC 2822 which could not be incorporated into Netnews as it stood.

I had a look at the USEFOR doc, and given how complicated msg-id syntax still is, I can't say I'm terribly inclined to start adopting it. If USEFOR had come to consensus to completely remove the no-fold-quote construct, I'd be a little more inclined. But things like the "dot-doubling" worry me. (For example, as it stands, all of the following are still legal msg-ids under USEFOR:


I don't think that's so much of an improvement.) I'd rather stick with the liberal syntax for now, and maybe add a note that says, "You SHOULD be conservative in what you generate, as NO-WS-CTLs, quoted-pairs, and specials are known to cause heartburn in some environments (cf. USEFOR)."

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