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Re: Compatibility wit Netnews (was I-D ACTION:draft-resnick-2822upd-01.txt)

2007-04-30 17:37:18

Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:
If we want normative language like the above, we should really
just remove no-fold-quote (since quoted-string is already allowed
in the obs- syntax).
Makes sense to me. Particularly since you can look for a long time
before you find no-fold-quote in real message-ids. Standards are
supposed to drop unused features as they advance, right?

Killing <no-fold-quote> is a nice idea, it simplifies the syntax

And what about NO-WS-CTL in <no-fold-literal> ?  We can't also kill
<no-fold-literal>, how about limiting it to the literal syntax also
permitted in STD 66 ?  (Of course always in square brackets)