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obs-commas (was: 2822upd-05 just submitted)

2008-01-28 16:33:43

Pete Resnick wrote:
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End of 3.3, maybe s/of zone/of the zone/ 

For <ftext> kill the stray "/" after 126.

| obs-commas      = [CFWS] "," *([CFWS] ",") [CFWS]
| obs-phrase-list = [phrase / CFWS] *(obs-commas phrase) [obs-commas] 

This is rather strange, it was simpler for 2831bis, example:

 digest-challenge = LWSP d-c-e *(LWSP "," LWSP [d-c-e]) LWSP

Trying this for <obs-phrase-list> I get:

  obs-phrase-list = [phrase] *([CFWS] "," [CFWS] [phrase]) [CFWS]

Both versions produce adjacent [CFWS] needing the MUSTard in
the prose about never generating "apparently empty lines",
i.e. LWSP is only accepted in the form of <obs-FWS>, but that
is no real issue, as anything in obs-* MUST NOT be generated.

If my proposal is correct the same pattern could be used for
all similar obs-lists, eliminating the obscure <obs-commas>.

| group-list      = mailbox-list / CFWS / obs-group-list
| obs-group-list  = obs-commas

The most obscure case, is "only CFWS" really *NOT* obsolete ?
Otherwise if you join CFWS and <obs-commas> you get: 

: obs-group-list  = *([CFWS] ",") [CFWS] 

The same idea for <obs-bcc>, and likewise <obs-resent-bcc>:

| obs-bcc = "Bcc" *WSP ":" 
|           [address-list / CFWS / obs-commas] CRLF

: obs-bcc = "Bcc" *WSP ":"
:           (address-list / ( *([CFWS] ",") [CFWS] )) CRLF