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Re: obs-commas (was: 2822upd-05 just submitted)

2008-01-28 19:05:44

On 1/29/08 at 12:19 AM +0100, Frank Ellermann wrote:

End of 3.3, maybe s/of zone/of the zone/

For <ftext> kill the stray "/" after 126.

Fixed. Thanks.

| obs-commas      = [CFWS] "," *([CFWS] ",") [CFWS]
| obs-phrase-list = [phrase / CFWS] *(obs-commas phrase) [obs-commas]

This is rather strange, it was simpler for 2831bis

Yeah, I made obs-phrase-list more complicated than it had to be by re-using obs-commas. I guess I could make obs-phrase-list not like the others.

If my proposal is correct the same pattern could be used for all similar obs-lists, eliminating the obscure <obs-commas>.

No, the problem I ran into obs-domain-list, obs-mbox-list, and obs-addr-list was that each require at least one domain/mailbox/address, but could have multiple commas on either end or in the middle. So this is legal:

To:    ,  ,  , me(_at_)test(_dot_)com ,  ,  ,

but this is not:

To:   ,  ,  ,  ,  ,

I'm not sure how to do that with your form. I'd be happy if you had a solution.

| group-list      = mailbox-list / CFWS / obs-group-list
| obs-group-list  = obs-commas

The most obscure case, is "only CFWS" really *NOT* obsolete ?

Sure, this seems pretty reasonable to do:

To: The Big Mailing List: (Names removed to protect the innocent);

| obs-bcc = "Bcc" *WSP ":"
|           [address-list / CFWS / obs-commas] CRLF

: obs-bcc = "Bcc" *WSP ":"
:           (address-list / ( *([CFWS] ",") [CFWS] )) CRLF

Again, that I can do if I wish to forego reuse of obs-commas. The other nice thing about re-using obs-commas here and in obs-phrase-list is that it makes it clear why it is there ("Another one of those silly collections of just commas").

Pete Resnick <>
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