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Re: obs-commas (was: 2822upd-05 just submitted)

2008-01-28 19:51:59

Pete Resnick wrote:
| group-list      = mailbox-list / CFWS / obs-group-list
| obs-group-list  = obs-commas

The most obscure case, is "only CFWS" really *NOT* obsolete ?
Sure, this seems pretty reasonable to do:
To: The Big Mailing List: (Names removed to protect the innocent);

Admittedly <group-list> is one of the constructs I've never
seen "in the wild", let alone used.  Just to be sure, CFWS
is "comment or folding white space", and a <group-list>
can be one or more spaces among others, but *NOT* empty ?
IOW, is this really CFWS, and [CFWS] is not good enough ?

I refuse to tell the DKIM WG that their "SSP magic" might
have to deal with a From: The Big Mailing List: (yeah ;-)


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