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Re: obs-commas

2008-01-29 06:30:02

Frank Ellermann wrote:

I refuse to tell the DKIM WG that their "SSP magic" might
have to deal with a From: The Big Mailing List: (yeah ;-)

Nonsense.  The <group> case of an <address> makes no sense
in "From:", and therefore <from> and <sender> permit only
<mailbox-list> and <mailbox> respectively.

I can't add a CFWS to <mailbox-list> just to get rid of the
<group-list>, CFWS has to be added to <group> for this job:

: group           =   display-name ":" [mailbox-list / CFWS] ";" [CFWS]
| mailbox-list    =   (mailbox *("," mailbox)) / obs-mbox-list
: obs-mbox-list   =   [mailbox] *("," [mailbox / CFWS])

That's too long, getting rid of <group-list> was a bad idea.

Interesting:  Unlike <from> and <sender> the <reply-to> can
be an <address-list>, that is comma-separated <address>es,
each <address> can be a <group>, and that is not guaranteed
to contain a single <mailbox>:

| Reply-To: The Big Mailing List: (foo); my list: (bar);

Is that as it should be ?