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Re: Multiple message-ids.

2008-03-02 07:10:17

Dave Crocker asked:

   Do you see multiple message-id's in messages?

I don't recall seeing any, but then I've not be looking so it 
might take more than a few for me to take notice.

   If you do, what affect do they have?

However, if I _did_, my Message Disposition Notification 
generator parses headers from the top down so that earlier 
message-ids would replace any later ids for the 
Original-Message-ID value:

|  DO WHILE LINES(msg_file) > 0 & hdr > ""

|    PARSE VALUE hdr WITH hdr ':' value
|    hdr = TRANSLATE(hdr)
|      WHEN hdr = "MESSAGE-ID" THEN msg_id = STRIP(value)
|      WHEN hdr = "DATE" THEN msg_date = STRIP(value)

If this is normally the way headers are parsed, then normally 
later message-ids would be ignored.

-- Gary

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