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Re: Multiple message-ids.

2008-03-05 16:58:34

Dave Crocker writes:
The email-arch specification notes that Internet standards provide for at
most one Message-ID, but the document asserts that more than one sometimes
appear in a message.  I put that in because that's been my impression.

Sometimes they do appear. It is forbidden.
The less discussion about what-if-and-when, the better.

I see one such message with duplicate Message-ID per 200.000 messages
on the average at our site (last two months average). In almost every
case a messages originates from MUA:
  QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Version 7
and rarely from:
  Microsoft Office Outlook 11  - or 12.0

At least with Eudora there is apparently a bug which produces
a duplicate (and different) Message-ID on mail forwarding.

So I'm going to remove reference to them from the email-arch draft.



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