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Re: Intent to revive "expires" header from draft-ietf-mailext-new-fields-15

2008-07-24 07:14:01

Paul Smith wrote:
So, what would you want the recipient MUA to do with these. The consensus seems to be that they should still receive them - so what difference does the 'expires' make? Automatically moving them into another folder when they arrive is nearly the same as automatically deleting them as far as many users goes! Showing them in grey or another colour doesn't stop people having to read them to see if they've missed something important.

often you can tell from the subject line whether a message is something you actually need to read. if the subject line of an expired message is shown in grey, that's just another clue to help the recipient decide whether to read the message or delete it.

"confirm your subscription to list X in the next 3 days" is still important if you receive it 4 days later. Now you know you need to try again to get onto the list.

right, some messages become _more_ important after a given date...

it's at least possible that ordinary users might eventually learn how to use such things as expiry dates. for instance, many of my younger, non-geek friends now seem to understand the value of Bcc. I don't think that was true 10 years ago.

"I'm out of the office until ..." may be important, you may have been bad-mouthing a contact because they hadn't replied to you earlier, and now you'll know why

a good example of why automatically deleting a message based on expiry date is a bad idea.

"special offer valid until ..." may still be important from the sender's point of view as a "buy our wonderful flying car for only $15,000 before 30th July, look how amazing it is..." is still a good advertisement if it's received on the 1st August, and the recipient may still want it even though the special offer has expired.

yes, but most readers would not want it. again, automatic deletion is a bad idea but when the reader sees the summary line of the advert in grey he'll likely infer that the offer has since expired.

I could imagine looking at the message summary in my ietf-announce folder and seeing some LAST CALL announcements in grey and others in black - and that would be useful in letting me know which messages to ignore.

(I could even imagine configuring my MUA to show a message in red if the expiry date were within say three days...but that probably wouldn't be the right thing for most messages nearing expiration.)

'expires' only makes sense (IMV) if it would reduce the mail to be read by the recipient by getting rid of stuff that's absolutely no use any more.

disagree. I think it's useful as a tool to help people decide which messages to read. but my assumption is that other people do like I do and look at the subject lines of messages to decide which ones to read.


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