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Re: On ABNF in 5322: Advice needed

2008-09-26 04:30:05

Pete Resnick writes:
5322 (nee 2822upd) is in AUTH48. During this process, the editor noted some confusion about some of the text: Sometimes when I say (e.g.) "phrase", it's not clear whether I'm referring to the ABNF terminal "phrase" or a description of it.
Choice (A): "Don't touch a damn thing, Pete! It's too much of a risk to screw things up, and we're moving to Draft Standard. And nothing is so ambiguous as to make any difference."

My preference would be a variation of (a). Don't touch anything except where the editor noted. Consider rephrasing those specific sentences, and glance fleetingly to see if the same sentences appear elsewhere in the document.

If this were a substantial problem in the audience's eyes, you'd have known about it long ago.