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Re: On ABNF in 5322: Advice needed

2008-09-26 10:20:23

Pete Resnick writes:
> 5322 (nee 2822upd) is in AUTH48. During this process, the editor noted
> some confusion about some of the text: Sometimes when I say (e.g.)
> "phrase", it's not clear whether I'm referring to the ABNF terminal
> "phrase" or a description of it.
> ...
> Choice (A): "Don't touch a damn thing, Pete! It's too much of a risk
> to screw things up, and we're moving to Draft Standard. And nothing
> is so ambiguous as to make any difference."

My preference would be a variation of (a). Don't touch anything except
where the editor noted. Consider rephrasing those specific sentences,
and glance fleetingly to see if the same sentences appear elsewhere in
the document.