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2020-10-29 08:28:44
Hi, Ned.

Nice to hear from you Francesco!

... ..

But, I was thinking:

this nice idea came from the socials where (in some cases like facebook)
the reaction can be an emoji or a comment (or both).
So, why not to define two types of reaction:
- emoji
- short text (comment)

The short text reaction is similar to a reply by a text message, but will
have a different semantics so that clients developers could use it
in a different way than a reply message.

It's not clear to me how this differs from a regular response, or perhaps
more to the point, how a client would handle it differently.

The user reading a message could select an emoji or insert a comment in a short reaction text field.
For both cases a reaction email will be sent by the client.
For the comments (reaction text) the user doesn’t need to pass through the “standard” path to compose a reply message.

On the opposite, when a client displays a message it can “add” a view of the reactions (emoji, text or both). The reaction text is not threated like a reply message.

I think that we can see the benefits mainly on small displays, like smartphone.

That said...

Emoji reactions and short-text reactions should be carried by two simple reaction message types. "Simple" is for: a message with only the top level
MIME part.

Well, one of the nice things about this proposal is as long as we make it clear that the current content-disposition is only defined in conjuction with an "emoji", we can always extende it later to other uses. But for now I think
keeping the ask we're making of client developers small is a good idea.

.... I agree with you that keeping the ask small is a good idea and that we can always extend the specification in the future.



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