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Re: [ietf-822] Fwd: New Version Notification for draft-crocker-inreply-react-03.txt

2020-10-23 13:41:28
On 23.10.20 18:54, Ned Freed wrote:
The bottom line is this entire line of argument hinges on there being
sufficient need to limit the protocol in order to support easier suppression 
reactions. If there's general agreement that there is then I guess I'm OK with
limiting the protocol, but I haven't seen anything like that so far.

I mainly look at this through the lens of a client author with a
particular UI in mind. I don't really care about filtering reactions
because people don't want to see them. But the same mechanism that would
make such filtering easy also enables a less complex implementation in
the code base I'm working on (mobile client, a message is rarely
downloaded in its entirety).

As mentioned in another email I'd like to not include reaction messages
in the message list displayed to the user (just imagine regularly
getting 10+ emoji-only reactions per message; seeing all individual
messages would get annoying pretty fast). Instead I'd like to display a
"reaction summary" on the original message.

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