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[Asrg] 6. Proposals - CRI Draft - 4.1 Loop Avoidance

2003-10-01 09:06:51
I finally had a chance to come up for air to respond to Eric/Yakov's
at  .
ASRG owes you much for your hard work in creating this document and I
personally thank you for furthering an important area of

On loop avoidance section, specifically:

"For CRI systems that issue challenge messages, it is also recommended
that each CRI system use a local systemwide user, such as 
for issuing challenges rather than preserving the original sender's
email address as the sender of the challenge message."

We disgree.

Most CR systems automatically/dynamically add the recipient to the
sender's whitelist.  So if I send an email to eric(_at_)cri(_dot_)com, he's
automatically added to my whitelist.  If the mail-from on his challenge
is eric(_at_)cri(_dot_)com, his email comes straight to my inbox without delays 
filters and certainly won't get challenged.  If the mail-from on his
challenge is "challenger(_at_)cri(_dot_)com", the CRI protocol needs to be 
possibly creating unecessary overhead.

Keeping the mail-from consistent allows CRI systems to naturally
interoperate and assuming that the CR system adds recipients to the
whitelist, elegantly solves the problem of CR systems challenging other


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