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Re: [Asrg] 6. Proposals - CRI Draft - 4.1 Loop Avoidance

2003-10-02 09:50:26
FYI, Brad Templenton has a BCP for C/R which we can use as a basis for our BCP:

Peter Kay wrote:
This is interesting as it may pave the way to a BCP as well.

Kee, I'm curious, did your support system autorespond with the same
RCPT-TO address as the one the customer sent it to?
Meaning, if the customer sent an email to "support(_at_)domain(_dot_)com", did 
autoresponder reply with a RCPT-TO of "support(_at_)domain(_dot_)com" or was it

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At 8:30 PM -0400 10/1/03, Eric Dean wrote:

If we start adding various messaging such as with DSNs...I

don't think
that we should be hijacking a sender's email address to

carry various
protocol information.

Perhaps. Just keep in mind that you need to interoperate with more than just other CR systems.

As an example, a user of a CR system sent mail to our support system. Our spam filters validated the sending email address by doing a MAIL FROM/RCPT TO. Then we generated an auto-reply. His CR system rejected the our auto-reply and we got a bounce report from our server. Then the CR system sent us two challenges. One went to the support system, but it didn't use the same subject, so it didn't have the ticket number, so it generated a new ticket, to which we responded (fortunately the CR system didn't challenge that as well). The other challenge was generated by the CR mail server, which generates challenges when it gets a RCPT TO, rather than when it gets a message (and they aren't the only ones who use that stunt). That reply went to a trap address that we use for the MAIL FROM--so no damage there, just annoyance.

So here's the count of messages sent.

User - 1
Support System - 2
CR System - 2

And of course we have a bogus support ticket to clear out.
And the user doesn't get any feedback that we've gotten their support request until it moves through the queue to a human. At which point our support folks have to go to the web site and answer the challenge.

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