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RE: [Asrg] 6. Proposals - rDNS and DNS considerations

2003-12-02 19:18:36
Thanks. This is great stuff.

One comment, though:
    To get a DNS resource record assigned we have to have an (IETF)
standard. It is possible that the DNSEXT working group 
could act quickly,
this seems to mean order of 18 months to be realistic. That 
is not going to
be acceptable. It is not like we get a record type 
assignment and then get
to work with it.

Due to the threat caused by spam it might happen that the 
DNSEXT working
group could speed up things. However this would IMHO require that the
proposal is a stable and practicable solution with a high 
probability of
success. QTYPE is two octets and I don't think DNS will take large
damage if it turns out that one TYPE has been "misassigned" ;-)

Thats not the issue. The issue is control. If they hand out a QTYPE and we
define a domain name hack they lose control of the future of DNS

I think spam is a major issue. But DNSEXT is a group where you can say 'if
the spec does not work in dotcom because it is too big the answer is to
reduce the size of dotcom' and not get laughed at.


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