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[Asrg] Re: Has ASRG outlived its usefulness?

2005-06-08 02:05:01
Laird Breyer wrote:

who reads the subgroups?

My POV from GMaNe:

asrg.abuserep    36 articles, last 2004-11

draft-shafranovich-feedback-report-01 discussed elsewhere

asrg.bcp          9 articles, last 2004-07
asrg.announce     7 articles, last 2005-01 (after 2004-05)

Joining it with spf-announce could double this "traffic".

asrg.msgverify   11 articles, last 2004-08 (from you)
asrg.smtpverify 375 articles, last 2004-08
asrg.iar         27 articles, last 2005-03

That's the most interesting from my POV, I like the SIQ idea,
and that's where I found draft-hallambaker-accreditation-00.

Also relevant from my POV is draft-irtf-asrg-dnsbl-01, it was
announced here.  I quote it when a BL is _too_ strange for my
tastes.  And because insisted on I kicked it from my ersatz-rblcheck script:  "thou
shalt not abuse in your white or black magic".  Bye.

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