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Re: [ietf-dkim] Collection of use cases for SSP requirements

2006-11-10 12:49:18
On 11/10/06 8:15 AM, "Michael Thomas" <mike(_at_)mtcc(_dot_)com> scribbled:

But there's no incentive for the companies to reign in their marketing arms
now. DKIM and especially DKIM+SSP may provide some incentive to do that
since they get to regain control of their brand names. It's unclear whether
it's enough incentive, but it's at least plausible especially given that
it's a
relatively low investment and that it appeals to their dislike of brand name

I think I can say with some authority that certainly heavily phished
companys do understand and have executive buy in to prevent marketing use of
look-a-like domains.  There may be some exceptions, but I expect as this
filters down that those will become roughly 0 (at least for us)

The problem is bad enough that, in spite of the fact that I think it's not
feasible, I have heard the statement that it's getting to the point that we
may eventually consider valueless to our customers due to this.  Virtually
no one thinks that using postal mail is a more economical means of
communication.  :)

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