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[ietf-dkim] Re: Collection of use cases for SSP requirements

2006-11-10 10:43:28
John Levine wrote:

There are other proposals such as MX dot

All long dead at the moment:

Expired 2005-10: draft-stumpf-dns-mtamark-04.txt
Expired 2005-10: draft-delany-nullmx-00.txt
Expired 2004-10: draft-lorenzen-marid-mxout-00.txt

There used to be an older RHSBL for senders never
sending mail, but I forgot its name.  The existing
RFCs 4408 and 4406 cover HELO, MAIL FROM, and PRA.
For a receiver interested in those identities that
should be good enough.

For a DKIM SSP the 2822-From would be a different
identity.  I've no clue why a receiver would wish
to check some 2822-From policy if there's no valid
DKIM signature, or what a policy "I never send any
mail" means if the mail has a valid DKIM signature.

And I don't know who that "I" is, it's perfectly
okay if an author is listed in the 2822-From, but
never sends mail - for that case RFC 822 offers a
Sender header field.  There's even a Resent-Sender
if a given Resent-From didn't resend the mail.


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