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Re: [ietf-dkim] The problem with the DKIM design community

2013-06-23 12:22:43
In reality, the recipient end DKIM deployment will be driven by
sysadmins representing end-users who want less bad mail to reach them.
Unlike the participating senders, they are not afraid of a phish or
virus mail succeeding --- they merely do not want to be disturbed unless
the mail is actually relevant.

My, aren't we cynical.  You must know very different system managers than 
the ones I talk to at MAAWG and other places.  I wouldn't say they're 
afraid of viruses and phishes, but they certainly want to keep them out of 
recipient mailboxes.

I also second Murray's suggestion that if you think you can design 
something better, please do so and write it up.  But first you might want 
to look at some of the signed bounce address proposals like this one, and 
consider why nobody adopted them.

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