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Re: [ietf-dkim] Weird i= in client mail

2013-06-19 20:14:52
Now on the other hand, if an administrative domain wanted to go to the 
trouble to authenticate down to the user level, we didn't want to prevent 
that, either. The primary audience for DKIM includes regulated industries, 
after all.

Seems to me that works fine as is.  If a stock broker wants to set up its 
mail system to put an i= into DKIM that reliably identifies the person who 
sent the mail, they can do that.

But unless I have external knowledge that they do that, and trust them to 
do it right, I can't depend on it, so it's mostly an opaque token of use 
to the sender when someone sends back a message and says "what the heck is 
going on here?"

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