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Re: Who will write filtering scripts?

1997-03-27 15:42:47
At 4:38 PM -0500 3/27/97, Tim Showalter wrote:

I'm working on a draft for a filtering language.  I have one fairly
fundamental question: should the language be geared to be machine-readable
or human-writable?  It would be far easier to write a prefix-oriented
language with lots of LISP-like syntax, but I believe most users find that
difficult to use (and it is my limited experience it's hard to balance
parens without an editor that helps out).

I think we should gear it towards human use.  That makes it easier to
debug, easier for people to create their own scripts without a user agent,
etc.  If we keep it simple enough, it will still be able to be read,
edited, and generated by a GUI user agent.